Theft and fraud offences

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Theft and fraud offences

Theft and fraud are crimes of dishonesty which carry with them very serious social stigma.  A criminal record for these offences may have very negative consequences, especially for your employment opportunities.  As you can imagine, no bank or other financial institution will want to employ a person found guilty of fraud.  In fact, it is difficult to imagine what employer would want a convicted thief or fraudster work for them in any position of trust.

Frauds involving credit cards, serious monetary losses and any organized schemes attract more and more severe penalties and often result in jail terms.

That is why it is so important to defend against such charges.  Although theft and fraud cases may be very complex and the defence can be expensive, an experienced defence lawyer can certainly bring you the results well worth your money.

Large scale fraud prosecutions often fall apart because generally there are no crown attorneys who specialize in them.  Moreover, often times, the prosecutors have no time and patience to sort out what is really going on in any particular case.  But as your lawyer I work for you and I will go through every document and expose every inconsistency to advance your defence.

In many cases, the evidence is obtained as a result of search conducted with or without a warrant.  As an experienced Charter advocate, I will use every possible way to exclude such evidence on constitutional grounds thereby depriving prosecution of basis for conviction.

Of course, in some cases the evidence is so overwhelming that the best thing is to work out a deal with the prosecution to avoid more severe penalty at trial or reduce the charges.  For that too you need an experienced and respected lawyer to conduct plea bargaining discussions on your behalf.


Author: Ernst Ashurov

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