I was charged with the offences of Impaired Care or Control and Over ’80 several days after I started working as satellite dish installer which required ability to drive.

Following my arrest, my drivers license was automatically suspended for 90 days putting my livelihood at risk. Through his contacts Mr. Ashurov helped me find a person who agreed to drive me for work purposes for modest remuneration which allowed me to keep my job.

Thereafter, although I blew almost double the legal limit, Mr. Ashurov was able to find certain weaknesses in the Crown’s case and the prosecutor agreed that I plead guilty to Careless Driving while the criminal charges were dropped. I did not lose my license and avoided a criminal record.

Dmitri I.

On my way home from a Christmas party, due to incorrect observation of civilian witness who followed my vehicle and overzealous actions of the police officers, I was charged with Dangerous Driving, Impaired Driving and Refuse to Provide Breath Sample.

I simply could not lose my drivers license as I have to commute to work in Toronto from Windsor on a weekly basis. First, Mr. Ashurov persuaded the Crown to drop the Refuse to Provide Breath Sample charge due to mistakes in the Crown’s case.

At trial, Mr. Ashurov was able to show that the civilian witness’ observations were exaggerated and incorrect while the arresting police officer simply fabricated some of the evidence. He thoroughly prepared the defence and presented several wittnesses who testified that I was not drunk at and after the party. In the result, the remaining charges against me were dismissed and I finally feel vindicated.

Dorota W.


Acting on the tip from a bank employee, the police officers stopped and searched me finding several forged bank cards. They later executed a search warrant in my home and found ½ pound of marijuana together with a debt list.

When I came to Mr. Ashurov, I had no hope of winning the case. However, Mr. Ashurov discovered numerous procedural problems in the police conduct which resulted in violations of my constitutional rights. He submitted voluminous materials on my behalf to the Court and Crown. Faced with his argument, the Crown decided to withdraw all the charges. Now, I decided to turn my life around and attend university which is possible thanks to my lawyer’s help.

Nick A.

After an altercation with my drunk wife where I only defended myself, I was accused of Assault Causing Bodily Harm. My wife then applied for divorce and whenever things did not go her way in the family court, she falsely accused me of breaching my bail conditions. Apart from the main charge I faced three charges of Fail to Comply.

I retained Mr. Ashurov to represent me in all of my criminal and matrimonial matters. Mr. Ashurov won the trials of Assault Causing Bodily Harm and one of Fail to Comply charges and the other two charges were dropped. My wife finally realized that her dirty tactics will not work and Mr. Ashurov obtained a fair settlement in my divorce case.

Igor C.


One day I was so drunk that I smashed my car into an LCBO building and then struck another car as I was backing up. My breath tests showed over 200 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood while the legal limit is only 80. It seemed impossible to defend against my charges but Mr. Ashurov managed to have my charges stayed for unreasonable delay in my prosecution.

Patrick G.

I was stopped on Highway 401 and subjected to a roadside test which I failed. Subsequently, at the police station I blew 180 milligrams in 100 millilitres of blood which is more than twice the legal limit.

At trial, Mr. Ashurov proved that the initial roadside test was taken in violation of my constitutional rights and the breath Readings were excluded from evidence. Accordingly, the Crown was left with no case and my charge was dismissed.

Vyatcheslav V.


I became involved in a dangerous scheme and was eventually charged with Importation of Opium. The transaction involved 31 kg of this drug being illegally imported into Canada. The mastermind of the scheme eventually pleaded guilty and received 12 years in jail.

My lawyer, Mr. Ashurov, nonetheless, convinced the prosecutor that there was no sufficient evidence against me and my charge was withdrawn.

Oxana Z.

After a nasty break-up with my girlfriend, her daughter falsely accused me of sexually abusing her for several years. I was faced with potential jail sentence.

At trial, Mr. Ashurov cross-examined my girlfriend and her daughter for over two days showing to the judge numerous inconsistencies and improbabilities in their testimony. In the result, the judge found their stories unbelievable and acquitted me of all charges.

Alexander L.


My husband and I met over the Internet and then he sponsored me to immigrate to Canada. Some time after my arrival, however, our relationship went sour and he decided to get rid of me by making false allegations that I threatened to kill him and that I poisoned his dog.

My trial lasted five days. The Crown called three different vets but after Mr. Ashurov cross-examined them the judge could not even conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the dog was poisoned let alone that I poisoned him. Mr. Ashurov exposed my husband’s many lies and the charges were dismissed. Mr. Ashurov also instituted a divorce proceeding and obtained much needed spousal support for me from my husband.

Svitlana K.

I was a widower raising two boys when I met a woman through a newspaper ad who was seeking “a friend for life”. This person became my wife. As she was a visitor to Canada at the time, I sponsored her to become a permanent resident. Three weeks after she obtained legal status in Canada, my wife called police and I was charged with three counts of Assault and two counts of Threatening Death. I was thrown out of my home while my wife remained there with my kids.

Mr. Ashurov handled both my criminal and matrimonial cases. He exposed my wife’s opportunistic conduct to the family Judge and my wife was forced to leave my home and abandon her claims to half of its value in exchange for modest spousal support. Mr. Ashurov also effectively cross-examined my wife and other Crown witnesses using their testimony to discredit my wife’s evidence and as a result all of my charges were dismissed.

Alexander S.


After I left my wife for another woman, my wife decided to falsely accuse me of Assault and Criminal Harassment. A criminal conviction would prevent me from remaining in Canada. Mr. Ashurov exposed numerous inconsistencies in my wife’s testimony and after a three day trial, my charges were dismissed.

Sergey L.

My brother received a large sum of money from me for safekeeping and then refused to return them. When Mr. Ashurov took on the case, he placed a Certificate of Pending Litigation on my brother’s house and made him return my money.

Nanouli L.