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My main area of practice is criminal law and within the variety of criminal cases I developed a special expertise in drinking and driving offences.

The government consistently toughens drinking and driving the Main area of practice in law, criminal law. Legislation while at the same time offers accused persons an easy way out by introducing new regulations which allow those who plead guilty to drinking and driving offenses within three months after the date of the offense and meet a number of other requirements. Those accused whose cases fall within the new regulations, lose their driver’s license for three months and thereafter drive for the next nine months with a special ignition interlock device. What the government does not emphasize, however, is that when you plead guilty, you acquire a criminal record that may seriously harm you in the future. Also, while many are enticed into pleading guilty by the prospect of reinstating their driving privileges sooner, their insurance rates may go up so much as to become simply prohibitive.

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That is why you need an experienced lawyer to assist you. In many drinking and driving cases, it makes more sense to fight the charges rather than give up at an early stage. Remember that just because you were charged does not mean that you will be found guilty. There are too many procedural and factual considerations in every particular case and an experienced lawyer with deep knowledge of the Charter and good advocacy skills can help you avoid conviction. With respect to drinking and driving cases, in particular, there are many technical defenses which can be successfully used by knowledgeable professional.

Another type of case which occupies a large part of my practice is offenses relating to domestic violence.

Over the years of practice, I note that oftentimes the true victims of domestic violence are people accused of it. Unfortunately, domestic violence allegations are increasingly used to gain an advantage in matrimonial disputes. Instead of spending money on a motion for exclusive possession of matrimonial home one spouse resorts to calling the police with false allegations of assault or threatening. The other spouse is then arrested and booted out of the matrimonial home for free. Alternatively, in custody disputes, nasty criminal allegations are often used to ensure that the accused spouse does not obtain custody of or access to the children.

Exposing the false allegations is difficult but possible as long as you have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Apart from drinking and driving and domestic violence cases, I represent my clients in all types of criminal matters. I am often retained to represent accused in drug-related offenses, sexual offenses, theft, and fraud, break and enter robbery, etc.

My services are not restricted to any particular geographic area. Although the majority of my cases are in the Greater Toronto Area, I represented my clients as far away from my home base as North Bay, Owen Sound, Bracebridge, Barrie, Orangeville, Guelph, Kitchener, St. Catherines, and Ottawa.

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Other areas of practice

I often handle both criminal and family cases for my clients at the same time. I find it very effective since I often use evidence from the family case in the criminal case and vice versa. If you are represented by different counsel in criminal and family matters one of them may not even be aware of existence of some evidence in the case handled by the other. That will not happen if both cases are in same hands.

Although I am first and foremost a litigation lawyer, I also draft various documents for my clients including marriage contracts and separation agreements, shareholder and asset purchase agreements, employment contracts and independent contractor agreements, wills and powers of attorney.

Family Law

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Wills and Powers of Attorney